Corvallis Wins Downtown Art Award

CORVALLIS, Ore. — The trash receptacles in downtown Corvallis are so pretty that they even snagged an award for the town.

They’re called trash receptacles, not trash cans, and each one has a different mosaic on it.

Joan Wessell with the Downtown Corvallis Association nominated the work to Oregon Main Street, an organization that helps downtown areas within the state showcase their character. Last month, the organization awarded downtown Corvallis with a beautification award.

Corvallis artist Ella Rhoades coordinated the project, and received help from community members to put the mosaics together several months ago.

Residents say they love the receptacles.

“I think they’re awesome,” said Corvallis resident Jimmy Littrell. “I think the people who volunteered their time and put their efforts into this is–that’s what this community’s about.”

One of Littrell’s friends, who goes by “Turtle,” says he loves seeing art downtown, even in places one might not think to look for it.

“There’s no better place to live than downtown Corvallis,” he said.

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