Cost of Baby Sitting Going Up

childrenHave you seen this report on the price of babysitting these days? I’m shocked to hear that the average cost of babysitting is up to $14.97! How much do you pay for babysitting? Do you tip? How often do you hire a baby sitter?

You can check out the full story below:

(CNN) If it seems like your date night is getting spendier the culprit could be the rising cost of hiring a babysitter.

A new study by Urbansitter.com found the cost of getting a sitter is higher than ever.

The national average of pay for one hour of baby-sitting for one child came out to be $14.97. The study also found that 26% of parents hire a sitter once a week or more and nearly half of parents are spending over a thousand dollars a year just on babysitting.

There’s also the debate of whether or not to tip. 70 % of parents said they do.

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