Cottage Grove Man Stabbed to Death

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COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — A man is in jail for allegedly stabbing a Cottage Grove man to death Friday night. It happened at the Frontier Mobile Home Park on Highway 99.

Cottage Grove Police has released very few details as to what led to this stabbing. Neighbors said the stabbing happened after an argument got heated at the trailer park.

Once officers arrived on scene, they found Sam Hunt laying in the road with a wound to the chest. One resident said the stabbing took place inside a neighboring trailer and as Hunt walked out of the home he collapsed.

Hunt was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police arrested Willie Beaty for allegedly stabbing and killing Hunt. The scene left neighbors very shaken up. “I was kind of shocked because I didn’t expect it was going to be right behind my house. It was kind of, you know, well, it doesn’t feel right,” said Ryan Comisky, Cottage Grove resident.

One neighbor said the two men got in an argument the week before the stabbing. Neighbors said neither the suspect nor the victim is a resident at the trailer park but visit there often.

Cottage Grove Police and the Lane County district attorney are investigating this alleged homicide.


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  1. Don Q says:

    Must have been an “assault” knife. This would not have happened if knives were banned !

  2. D says:

    This was my friend and he did not deserve to lose his life over an “argument”. Bottom line end of story! Let’s focus on the wonderful life lost and put this killer away!!
    RIP Sam

  3. Lea says:

    Not to minimize sams death. But this fight started three weeks before when Sam severely beat Willie while he was sick. I feel horrible that sam is dead you are right he did not deserve this, and Willie did not deserve it either and I think we both know this is the end result from both of these men’s life styles. And unfortunately we will probably see a lot more of this kind of behavior from people.

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