Cottage Grove Museum Celebrates 50 Years

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — The Cottage Grove Museum is no stranger to age, but curators say its 50-th birthday is a distinguished milestone. The 115-year-old building bodes treasures like pictures of pioneers from the 1800’s, panoramic views of Cottage Grove going back to the year 1820, a local Titanic survivor’s jacket, Native American arrowheads from all over the west coast and much more. People trickled in this afternoon to revel in the half-century birthday.

“Having a 50th birthday is a good time. We’ve crossed a gigantic milestone in being able to itemize out areas of history so that we can say this belonged in the 1920’s, this belonged in the 1950’s,” said Marie Longfellow, Curator AT THE Cottage Grove Museum.

Staff and visitors call the museum the best kept secret in Oregon. They’re open Friday-Sunday from 1-4pm.

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