Council Appoints Interim Councilman

EUGENE, Ore. — There’s a new face at Eugene City Council.

Council members voted Monday to appoint Greg Evans to an interim post in the Ward 6 seat vacated by Pat Farr. Council was deciding between Evans and Tony Brandt.

Farr was at Monday’s meeting and even passed on his council pins.

Evans is currently the LTD chairman and will be transitioning out of the role by March. He says his experience with the city planning commission, transportation, the fair, along with some civil rights work will help him serve the people of Eugene.

“A lot of our residents are suffering right now because they are out of work and I know a number of people have lost their homes over the last few year. I think the most critical thing we can do in this community is have a full on pursuit of economic development,” Evans said.

If Evans wants a permanent seat on council, he will have to run for the position in the Special Election in May. He says he plans to do so. Brandt says he might also consider running.

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