Council Approves Social Host Ordinance

EUGENE, Ore. — Hosting a disruptive party could now land you a significant fine.

The Eugene City Council unanimously approved a controversial social host ordinance at Monday’s city council meeting.  Eugene Police says it’s happy it passed.

The social host ordinance is meant to put a stop to excessive parties and ultimately prevent underage drinking by offering more punishments for the party’s hosts. Not very many people spoke out about the ordinance at Monday’s meeting, but previous meetings have drawn dozens of students.

Some argued the ordinance violates their privacy. Violators can be fined up to $1,000 and it’s the host of the gathering that could receive this citation.

“It’s been very effective when applied appropriately in university towns, other towns where there is noticeably loud disturbances. Our hope is it will have the same effects that it has had elsewhere,” said Sgt. David Natt, Eugene Police Department.

Police can start enforcing the ordinance in about a month.


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  1. UO Senior says:

    I am happy to see this ordinance get passed. I hope this promotes responsibility and healthy choices.

  2. Postone says:

    How many different taxes, fee’s made up fine’s can you create? If the Mayor and the city counsel would just do their jobs and save some money instead of spending every thing they bring in we wouldn’t need all these money making fee’s, taxes, and anything else they can think of to bring in money!

    You people have and continue to mis-manage tax payer funds to this day! Until we get some real adults in office who actually have some integrity nothing will ever change!

    The Mayor and her cronies want to spend some $15 million dollars (what ever the number is) on a new or refitted city Hall! Money they don’t have. Especially when there are thousands of people sleeping outside!

    These are the kind of people we have working in local government in Eugene! When do they these people in government grow up?

    It’s quite pathetic!

    1. casualreader says:

      I don’t see what these comments have to do about the Social Hosting Ordinance unless it is just a really weak attempt to redirect attention.

    2. jason marks says:

      Not sure why the government has to pay for someones shelter.

      They don’t pay for mine.

      A larger majority of “thousands of people sleeping outside” actually don’t want to be productive in society.

      I disagree that the government needs to “bring them along”

      This homeless issue is not a public issue, it belongs in the private sector.

  3. Ron says:

    Jason Marks…Postone…..whats all that about. get on your meds or get off the news site. Your dribble has nothing to do with the subject
    I am glad it passed. The housing owners should take an extra $1000 form the party pricks when they rent the place.

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