Council Discusses Homeless Camp Plans

EUGENE, Ore. — City councilors moved forward with discussions on Opportunity Village, a temporary transitional shelter for the local homeless population in the form of a camp.

At a meeting Wednesday at the Eugene Public Library, councilors looked at the logistics for what a possible site might look like. The council recognized a dire need to find a solution for the homeless before winter settles in.

Council has yet to make an actual decision on a camp. However, discussions indicate a potential site would likely be on city property and might start with serving homeless families.

Many councilors expressed that a camp would have to be clean, provide sanitation and bathroom services, and that different populations should be addressed separately. An ideal camp population they seemed to focus on was about 30 or 40 people.

“We have to do this in a very thoughtful way, but I do believe the entire council really wants to make significant headway in providing more services to our homeless population,” said Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy.

Council also talked about ways to increase existing homeless services, like extending funding this year for St. Vincent de Paul’s parking program and extending a city ordinance that deals with camping in tents.

Councilors will revisit the topic by mid October. Mayor Piercy says she expects they will come up with a solution, whether it be in the form of a camp or not, by November.

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  1. August says:

    Opportunity Village’s outlines creates just another standard Prison-Like & All-Controlling Shelter, but without the walls.

    If you read the proposal 99% of the homeless will be excluded, and it will become a holding area for people already on SS/SSDI/SSI/VA benefits waiting (maybe years) until their Section 8/Senior housing vouchers are available.

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