Council Discusses Homeless Camping Sites

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene City Council will discuss the issue of homeless camping at its meeting Monday night. The focus will be about a proposed pilot project.

Mayor Kitty Piercy says the project proposed by councilors will include looking at one or more sites to allow overnight camping. Guidelines will include no more than 15 people at one site and if campers can stay during the day or have to move out every morning.

“The city manager has put forward an amended kind of proposal again, but would have more flexibility about if this is good, other sites could follow,” Mayor Piercy said.

If the proposal gets approved, Mayor Piercy says the 90 day pilot program will start with one site first.


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  1. musicman60 says:

    so it dont matter kitty litter is going to do what she want and what the homeless want tax payers dont mean a thing hey heres an idea lets not pay our taxes

    1. don jones says:

      no speak gibberish….

      what now?

      1. musicman60 says:

        this is not an english class so you the english teacher go away if you cant stick to the subject

    2. Kay says:

      Many homeless people work and pay taxes. Those who dont work but get SSI or other benefits pay taxes too.

      1. jason marks says:

        how do they pay CITY taxes exactly?

        In what form?

        They don’t.

        Again, the ignorant telling us how they contribute when they don’t.

  2. Marc Gunther says:

    Keep your 6 year old away from the comments section, this is for grownups please. Obviously you are still in second grade.

    1. Ahshucks says:

      It’s really not your place to judge anyone so STFU!

  3. Greenhouse 9994 says:

    Paying taxes or social security issues have nothing to do with the city counsels decision making. It has to do with trying to find a solution in a humanitarian way. If you have not noted the way whovill was presented, Then you would know that it was not a good place to put a homeless shelter on Franklin bolivard. Why people think Kitty Percy was the one behind the illogical thinking that some may want it to be, is any ones guess. No, were not going to find solutions to problems like this because there people in high places that hate change and manipulate things to there advantage. We need a voice in change!

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