Residents Discuss Social Host Ordinance

EUGENE, Ore. — There was a passionate debate at the Eugene City Council meeting Monday.

More than 50 people signed up to weigh in on an ordinance that could change the way people host parties.

The social host ordinance would establish more fines for people hosting the party or make the landlord reimburse police for their costs of responding to the party. It’s aimed at those living near the University of Oregon.

“It’s really difficult to put landlords on the hook financially for what happens with their tenants. I think it’s an overreach by the city of Eugene,” said attorney Jacob Daniels.

“I feel like landlords don’t take sufficient responsibility for their properties. You only have to see how properties are kept up to see that the landlords are just walking away and ignoring what their tenants do,” said Eugene resident Bill Starbuck.

The council will likely take action in January, but there will be a few more work sessions for discussion.


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  1. jason marks says:

    Bill Starbuck has his head in the sand.

    “I don’t feel,,,,,”

    WE don’t walk away and ignore what our tenants do.
    Hoe do you expect us to handle these situations when someone hosts a late night party?

    Do we have a hallway monitor?, do we hire security guards to police every single second of every tenant of every complex at all times , places and situations?

    We are very proactive with our tenants, but you can’t say someone else is responsible for someone elses behavior.

    Lets get real about this, Bill Starbuck is out of touch with reality.

    We follow up with our residents, send letters to parents, confront tenants in the process of…, anticipate parties, do everything reasonably possible to head of problems.. We don’t want them either, the drunk students tear apart our buildings and cause damage, which last I checked is NOT free to fix.

    Maybe parents need to do a better job of setting better examples.

    To fine a landlord and say “you did it, you are guilty, here is a fine, pay me money NOW” is absurd and unfair. Bill wouldn’t like it either, but is willing to force that on someone else just to teach them ‘his” lesson of mindless economics.

    If you think that someone else should pay for some one else’s misbehavior, then get ready to be sued.

    Its time for the campus property owners to form an association to deal with these sorts of unreasonable demands. I am certain once the association dues start coming in, it will be a snap to re engage these sorts or morons like Bill Starbuck and the City in a legal battle.

  2. Brent says:

    Why not just bill the occupants hosting the party for the police responce. Take it right to the source of the problem. Seems simple to me. The individual(s) having the party shoulder the bill.

    The landlords responsibility. Put in the rental contract. The police get called out to your place for an out of control party; You will be responsible for the cost incurred by the responders.

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