Council Discusses Street Repair Progress

street repairEUGENE, Ore. — Eugene City Council discussed Wednesday the progress made with the bond measure to fix Eugene’s city streets.

Public Works says all of the money that’s been allotted for road repairs in the bond passed in 2008 has been used accurately and efficiently.

Over the past five years, the bond has allowed the city to spend nearly $36 million to repair more than 85 miles of asphalt.

The bond also created more than 151 full-time positions and even helped things during the recent winter storms.

“I think by virtue of the investment that’s been made over the last five years, things have been bad with these storms, but not as bad as they could have been,” said Kurt Corey, Eugene Public Works.

Crews are on schedule to begin repairs for 2014, using money from the most recent renewal of the bond in 2012.

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