Council Passes Fireworks Ordinances

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EUGENE, Ore. — There’s been an outcry of public frustration after a home in north Eugene burned down last year, from illegal fireworks.

Monday night the Eugene City Council acted — with stricter guidelines for fireworks use, and harsher penalties for breaking the law.

There were two ordinances on the table.

The first would restrict the use of legal fireworks from July 3rd through the 5th and December 31st through January 1st.

Councilor Mike Clark was concerned it wouldn’t address the problem of illegal fireworks.

Councilor George Polling put out a motion to postpone it altogether, but it was struck down.

The council ultimately decided to amend the ordinance, by changing the dates to be line with when you can buy and sell legal fireworks, from June 23rd through July 6th.

“I like the idea of amending this for other cultural uses and giving the authority to the city manager and administrative rules and I’m also ok with limiting fireworks from June 23rd to July 6th time frames,” said councilor Alan Zelenka.

They also established a $500 fine for breaking that law.

The council also passed the second ordinance which amends the social host ordinance, to include lighting off illegal fireworks as an “unruly gathering.”

There’s typically a 30-day waiting period for ordinances to take effect, but these will take effect immediately after the mayor signs them.

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  1. Greenhouse 9994 says:

    You mean the city council is going to try to stop Eugene from having fun with fireworks on around or the forth of July. You mean Eugene is going to do what Portland dose,go get them! Sounds like a police state!

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