Council Passes West Eugene EmX Extension

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EUGENE, Ore. — EmX is one stop closer to extending into west Eugene.

The city council voted 7 to 1 to give the go-ahead for Lane Transit District to start development on the extension.

Councilor George Poling did make a motion to send it to a district wide vote, but it didn’t pass.

The council’s vote was key in the project getting $75 million in federal funding, but the Federal Transit Administration has to sign off on the environmental assessment first.

“The mitigation that’s outlined in the environmental assessment is required by law, so anything we do with those property owners that are affected can only make the situation better, so we’re really encouraged by that and that’ll happen over the next 18 months,” said LTD spokesman Andy Vobora.

“There will be no mitigation for businesses. Businesses will have to sink or swim on their own. Once they pass this stuff, they just move forward and they don’t care about businesses or these people,” said sports car shop owner Bob Macherione.

Construction could start as early as 2014.


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  1. Mark says:

    Glad it passed. Now the very vocal MINORITY can focus their efforts on another issue they can’t fully grasp. Move along. :)

    1. Don Kearney says:

      Once again, the people who pay for the project don’t get to vote on it. If it’s such a great idea, put it up for a public vote. The city council is very good at spending other peoples money. To Mark, Will you be as happy with the city council if they pass something you don’t agree with, without a vote ?

  2. Mike says:

    Odds are that Mark is a freeloading student, who pays no taxes, and will move to Takilma OR upon tiring from furthering his education. Property owners, business owners, and tax payers who, like me, have been counting passengers on afternnon buses now, can’t understand the sudden need to “take” fereral money to build a bus system that’s not being used now! Ridiculous, sad waste of money!

  3. Jason Marks says:

    Making Traffic Worse. This is suppose to be better than the West Eugene Parkway.

    Oh boy, what a waste of money.

  4. jason marks says:

    I’ll bet you never knew that I-105 was NEVER suppose to end at 6th and 7th avenues… think about it… why does it end there, is it logical?


  5. LOLZ says:

    These people were elected to make these decisions. Its obvious you’ve never rode a bus before, to say that it won’t be used what a joke. Do you realize how many people travel down 11th each day car or bus? They all of the sudden aren’t just going to disappear. You count passengers in the afternoon? That’s it.? I STAND on those buses all the time and to say its not being used is naive. Get over youself and suck it up.

  6. mark says:

    First, not a freeloading college student. Member of this community for the better part of two decades. Pay plenty of taxes, and my guess would be more than some of you. :) Counted empty buses? I call B.S. Anyone with eyesight can see that most buses are at least 3/4 full. Sure, downtimes happen, but please, try and pull the wool over someone elses eyes will ya?

  7. ron says:

    Hope the bus’s have steel tires

    1. mark says:

      someone get this guy a WAAAAAMBULENCE.

  8. NEPA violators do not receive funding says:

    This project is more about self-preservation for LTD’s administrative staff and their under-funded retirement account, than it is about public transit. The Environmental Assessment violates the National Environmental Policy Act and should never be federally funded.

    The proponents have been mislead, hook-line-and-sinker, by LTD. The EmX will only travel in dedicated lanes for less than 15% of the entire route, 55% in “shared” lanes, and about 1/3 in mixed traffic.

    Its a cobbled patch work of a route that will never achieve LTD’s advertised goals, which includes fast travel times. Riders will also lose some of their traditional service, when LTD makes the cuts to afford the extra ($1.2+ million) EmX operating costs.

  9. Ted says:

    Once again, the will of the people means nothing to the Eugene city council. If it is such a minority against it, why not put it up for a vote? Not that it would matter. After all, the people voted for the West Eugene Parkway, and look what happened. It’s the elitist progressive mindset that believes the rest of us are too stupid to matter.

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