Council Prepares for Tax Levy Meeting

EUGENE, Ore. — The City of Eugene could decide Monday night if it will put a tax measure on May’s ballot. The city faces a $6 million budget shortfall.

For the past couple of weeks, councilors listened to the public weigh in on whether a property tax levy on the May ballot is the way to go.

Some residents say they would be willing to pay a little more to preserve vital city services. Others say they’re already getting taxed too much.

The city isn’t the only entity looking at a property tax levy. Lane County and 4J are also looking at their own levies.

The city says if it doesn’t find a way to close the budget gap, city services will be cut.

You may recall councilors voted to table a vote on an ordinance that would have pushed a stormwater and parks fee into the budget discussion.

A work session is also scheduled for Wednesday. Councilors must make a decision by then.

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  1. jason marks says:

    property tax levy isn’t equal taxation.

    It only taxes those who own property.

    To say that dollar for dollar it is past on to occupied tenants of those units is FALSE.

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