Council President Wants One More Deputy

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CRESWELL, Ore. — Another pair of eyes could soon be patrolling the streets of Creswell. City Council President Jacob Daniels will propose hiring one more deputy to the city council next week. That would make three total, which means 24-hour coverage for neighborhoods.

“That would be really helpful in having a constant presence on the streets of Creswell. It will allow us to not have a gap in time,” Daniels said.

This proposal is only a short-term plan to address the city’s recent wave of property crime, last month’s shooting, and long deputy response times. If approved, the money will come from the city’s contingency fund.

“I think it’s an excellent short-term plan. I’m looking forward to more police presence in the town,” said Creswell resident Zac Slawter.

But some residents say one more deputy isn’t enough. Currently, the city contracts with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office. Only two deputies patrol the area.

“Would I appreciate one more deputy? Absolutely. Anything will be an improvement, but I don’t think it will get the job done. We’ll see. I don’t want to be too pessimistic, just that we have a high crime rate right now, and I don’t know if one more deputy is going to do it,” said Creswell resident Daniel Bergmann.

But residents can all agree it’s time for more police presence.

“This is our town, and I think as community members it might be time to pony up and have our own department,” Slawter said.

The city council president will present this short-term fix at a meeting Monday night.

In the meantime, he’s weighing some long-term options such as such as partnering with a neighboring city or forming its own police department.

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  1. Jake Fiter says:

    This adding a third deputy is great except that the story says it will provide 24hr coverage which is NOT true. With the contract with the sheriffs it will give Creswell about 105 out of 168 hours a week coverage which equates to 14 hours a day coverage 7 days a week or a few days without coverage. We need permanent solutions not a thumb in the dam.

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