Council Receives Update on New City Hall

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene City Council is getting an update on the new City Hall design project.
The updated concept plan focuses on having a smaller carbon footprint than the old City Hall.
This means that the building will be taller, five to three stories rather than the previous two and it will fit on half a block.
Monday night architects presented an overview of what the new design might look like.
Architects stressed the importance of incorporating some of the iconic and traditional elements from the old City Hall.
The new design keeps the council chambers democratic circular form — but doubles its capacity.
The architects say they’re working to keep the community feeling connected to the new design.
“For us in our discussions with the policy team, and the project team, as we’ve been investigating this over the past few months, is really one of looking at how city hall and how the community come together,” said Scott Wolf, Miller & Hull Partnership.
The idea to re-build city hall first came into play in 1999.
It’s sat vacant since 2012.
Architects said they’re working to maintain this idea that the “people are the city.”
They say they’re ready to move forward with schematic designs and will likely meet with council this fall.

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