Council Sends Levy to Ballot

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Voters will have the option of voting for a property tax levy on the November ballot.

The Corvallis City Council voted to send the levy to the ballot Monday night.

Corvallis Mayor Julie Manning says the council approved a recommendation for an 81 cent, five year local option levy for $1,000 of assessed value. The current levy is 45 cents.

Manning says the additional money would help keep city services like the local swimming pool and senior center. It would also fund a school resource officers, three police officers and a fire prevention officer.

“Public safety is to the bone. We have the same number of police officers that we had in 1992, and a closed fire station. So that represents the additional public safety funding – an additional 50 cents,” said Joel Hirsch, Corvallis City Councilor.

If passed, the extra money would also restore Sunday operating hours for the public library.

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