Council to Vote on Exclusion Zone

EUGENE, Ore. — We will know Monday night whether the Eugene City Council wants to extend or end the Downtown Public Safety Zone. That’s when councilors will vote on this highly debated issue.

The ordinance is set to expire on November 30. That’s why councilors have to decide whether to amend, extend, or end the measure that bans people from downtown who commit certain crimes.

Community activists at Community Alliance of Lane County spent Monday morning preparing the statements they plan to make to councilors Monday night. Some argue consequences are needed to make downtown an area where everyone feels safe. Others say the exclusion zone is simply a violation of human rights.

Those who’ve been communicating with council say to their knowledge there are four who are willing to end the safety zone, but a majority vote is needed.

“Why are we even considering extending something that is unconstitutional unfair, discriminates against people who are already in the worst moments of their lives?” said community activist Jean Stacey.

Some have also argued this is not about discrimination, but rather behavior and accountability.

People will be able to give their comments at Monday night’s meeting. The meeting is at the downtown library and starts at 7:30 p.m.

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