Council to Vote on Franklin Annexation

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield City Council will meet Monday night to vote on the annexation of Franklin Boulevard in Glenwood.

The council has been discussing this issue since January. It hopes the annexation will mean stronger development potential for the in-between city.

The vote involves the part of Franklin Boulevard in between Springfield and Eugene and whether it should become part of the City of Springfield. The city says it wants to do to further development in the Glenwood area, but not all business owners are excited about it.

Steve Moe is a business owner that has been around Glenwood longer than most, and he’s more comfortable with this proposed annexation than a lot of his neighbors.

“There are those that like it the way it is, and they want it to stay the way it is, and change as far as your property is concerned, it scares you,” Moe said.

“There’s a lot of people who are very against it, but some that say let’s go forward, people that want to invest together,” said business owner Dan Healy.

So while the adjustment may not be ideal for everyone, Springfield city planners say it seems like a step in the right direction in the long run.

“There has been a lot of interest in development for properties that are currently vacant or eligible for redevelopment, and so the city wants to position annexation of properties along that corridor,” said Andy Limbird, Springfield Senior Planner.

“It will affect us in the long run because others are going to come in, if not ourselves decide to redevelop, and buy a piece of property and put an impressive structure on it, and in doing that they’ll have to annex,” Moe said.

For now, businesses still have the option to incorporate, but proposed changes to street layouts, bus lines and bike lanes could change the stakes, making some business owners nervous.

“What’s going to happen? Do we invest in our property now, or do we not invest because it may not be here,” Moe said.

City officials anticipate Monday’s council vote will be quick but say development of Franklin Boulevard after that point will take some time.

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