Councilors Approve Franklin Blvd. Annex

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield city councilors approved an ordinance to annex part of Franklin Boulevard in the Glenwood area.

The city has been working towards this approval for a year.

Councilors adopted the ordinance very quickly, Monday night.

The city says this will allow the city to redevelop Franklin Boulevard and work with ODOT on sidewalks, bike lanes and parking.

City planners anticipate that this is the first of a handful of annexations they hope to sign off on in the near future, as they continue to develop the Glenwood area.

“So what happens now is that if our police officers are enforcing any laws on Franklin Boulevard those violations get cited into Circuit Court instead of into our Municipal Court,” said Jeff Towery, Springfield’s Assistant City Manager.

“I don’t believe anybody has anything to fear from this because it will open the doors to the opportunity of a better lifestyle regardless of what your station in life might be,” said Springfield Resident James Yarnall.

The city says it’s planning to work with businesses individually giving them the option to annex.

The next step, annex the Franklin Boulevard right of way south and west of the McVay intersection.

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