Councilors Quit During Council Meeting

CRESWELL, Ore. — The Creswell City Council accepted the city administrator’s letter of resignation Monday night, then two councilors immediately stepped down.

The move seemed to catch quite a few people off guard at the council meeting.

This all started over an aviation weather system. Some on the council believed they had been lied to and misled about where the weather system would be placed.

The council went into executive session before unanimously accepting the city administrator’s resignation.

Two other councilors, Mike Anderson and Jean McKittrick, then submitted their own letters of resignation.

“I want to be involved in the community. It’s really a great community,” now former councilor Anderson said. “We’ve gotten some bad press in the last year or two, but it’s a great place to live and I want to get involved and stay involved. This is one thing I’m not going to be involved in anymore.”

That leaves three leadership positions vacant for the city of Creswell.

“I know it seems like a daunting task. We have to completely in my opinion rebuild our city government,” Councilor A.J. O’Connell said. “It’s doable. It’s not impossible. I believe we have the people in positions of power now to do it in a fair fashion.”

Councilor O’Connell says the main objective now is to fill the vacated positions.

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