Councilors to Vote on Plastic Bag Ban

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s been up for debate all year, but now Eugene city councilors will finally make a decision whether to ban plastic bags.

Portland has done it and so has Corvallis, meaning Eugene would be the third city in Oregon to get rid of plastic bags if this ban is passed.

Monday night is your last chance to weigh in before councilors take a vote.

Environment Oregon is an organization that has been pushing for what they call a comprehensive plan to ban the bags. It says more than 60 local businesses voiced their support.

“I don’t think there is any good reason why the city council should wait to ban bags. Every year the city estimates they use 67 million bags that get dumped into our environment,” said Sarah Higginbotham, Environment Oregon.

Retailers would have six months to get through their current stock of plastic bags and give time for consumers to know what to expect before the policy takes effect. There will be a fee for using paper bags once the ban takes effect as well.

Another key topic up for a vote Monday–councilors will decide whether to direct the city attorney to investigate state and federal laws that could stop the shipment of coal through Eugene.

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