Eugene Keeps Five-Cent Bag Fee

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene residents will continue to pay five cents for every paper bag in Eugene, after the council voted down an ordinance to suspend the fee.

The Eugene City Council was looking at suspending the fee until December while it looked at the plastic bag ban, but that suspension was denied.

A couple of people spoke about the fee during public comment. Councilors also had a lengthy discussion, some saying they’d heard grocers hated the fee while others said they had heard grocers saying the complaints from customers had stopped already.

Ultimately councilors decided to keep it around.

Councilor Mike Clark voted to do away with the fee and was not happy with this decision.

“I think that’s a bad idea. I am considering the idea of gathering enough petitions to put it on the ballot, but I think it’s the wrong thing for the city to be doing,” said Councilor Clark.

Portland does not require the five-cent fee. Corvallis does, but it recently adopted an ordinance that required the fee be charged only to large grocery style bags.


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  1. Karla Loree says:

    the customers from other areas are not complaining we are just not shopping Eugene any more nor Corvallis because of the bag cost. I live in Sweet Home and the gas to drive there is enough but to have to pay for the bag for my goods to be carried from the store is outrageous, I will not pay it nor will I shop there ever again. Salem is just as far for me to drive but will cost me less. Just another insight for travelers you want to visit your community.

    1. serious says:

      Good, Stay out of here. Less traffic for me to deal with! I gladly pay the nickel if traffic gets better. Shoot i might even save a few dollars not having out of town slow drivers in my way causing me to have to stall and burn fuel while waiting.

  2. Tammy says:

    Big surprise, I don’t think the Government hasn’t met a fee they didn’t like.

  3. ahshucks says:

    I agree keep the 5 cent charge for all. If the poor that are to lazy get a job want the 5 cent dropped, TO BAD!

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