Countdown to Day of Peace

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EUGENE, Ore. –Friday marks 100 days until International Peace Day, and the countdown couldn’t have come sooner, especially in the wake of recent violence at schools.

Each year, millions of people and organizations around the world observe International Day of Peace on September 21. On Friday, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will issue a statement inaugurating the 100 day countdown.

Peace Day celebrations have also taken off in Eugene. The first organized event took place in 2012. Over 100 people gathered around the fountain at the EWEB Plaza.

The key part of the event is a minute of silence at noon. It’s a way to pause and reflect on how to break the cycle of violence. Organizers hope people will show others that peace is possible.

“When we reach a tipping point of about 18 percent of the population of Eugene thinking that peace is possible, I think to the mainstream, it will become more acceptable,” says David Hazen with the Eugene Peace Team.

The big celebratory event takes place at Whiteaker School on September 20. Organizers expect 300 to 400 people to attend.

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