Counterfeit Bills On Rise

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CORVALLIS, Ore. – Police say counterfeit dollars are circulating along the Interstate 5 corridor, and they are telling folks to be careful.

The Corvallis Police Department says it has received four reports within the last five days regarding fake 20 and 50 dollar bills.

“You always hear, ‘buyer beware,’ but you should be ‘seller beware’ also,” said Lieutenant Cord Wood with Corvallis Police. “There seems to be a rash of counterfeit currency up and down the I-5 corridor right now. I know Medford PD has had some cases, we have, Albany; Keizer.”

In Corvallis, Wood says Craigslist sellers have been getting scammed. He says one case involved an electronics purchase; another was a pair of shoes. Wood says a Corvallis business also reported receiving fake bills, as did a Wells Fargo bank in a deposit.

The Police Department offers some tips before making a transaction: “Take the time to examine the bills, and make sure they’re right before you hand over your electronics,” Wood said. “Does the paper feel right? It should change color. The ‘20’ that’s printed in the lower right hand corner should be a color changing ink.”

Wood says to always make sure there is a watermark and a security strip on bills. Corvallis Police say if anyone knows anything about the case, to please give them a call at (541) 766-6924.

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