Counties Prepare for High Voter Turnout

EUGENE, Ore. — Election Day is four weeks away, and the deadline to register to vote is next week.

You can register online, at any DMV office and your local county board of elections through Tuesday, October 16.

New voter registration forms are still coming in. In the last week alone, Lane County has added another 3,000 registered voters. Elections officials are expecting the trend to continue in this final week.

This is a presidential election and officials are preparing for a strong turnout.

“We compare the turnout and what we are planning to the last presidential election, which would have been in 2008. Also looking at the numbers in 2004 and with those numbers comparisons we are expecting a high voter turnout, likely between 88 and 90 percent,” said Cheryl Betschart, Lane County Clerk.

In the November 2008 general election in Western Oregon, Douglas County saw the lowest voter turnout at 81.9 percent, Benton County came in at 89.97 percent, and Lane County at 87.66 percent.

The ballot turn-in boxes are locked for now, but soon you will be able to turn in your 2012 general election ballot. Officials say they’ll be mailed out Friday, October 19.

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