County Discusses LRAPA’s Future

EUGENE, Ore. — This week Lane County commissioners discussed the value of the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA).

Commissioners mulled whether a state agency would be better for the air and the budget.

LRAPA says the discussion was initiated by county commissioners to address that very issue prior to budget talks in the spring.

LRAPA is the only local air agency of its kind in Oregon.

“Here in Lane County that’s been the most efficient way to administer city programs that address air quality, the county programs that address air quality and then to meet the state and federal requirements,” said Merlyn Hough, LRAPA Executive Director.

When it comes to cost, LRAPA says residents are getting quite the bargain. They say $121,670 of funding comes from residents but LRAPA $680,710 in services. The difference is funded in large part by the federal government.

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