County Expects High Voter Turnout

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EUGENE, Ore. — April 30 marks the deadline for voter registration in the upcoming May 21 Special Election.

The three main issues on the ballot are the Lane County Public Safety Levy, the City of Eugene Service Fee and the 4J School District Bond.

Lane County Clerk Cheryl Betschart says she’s expecting a higher than average turnout for the upcoming election.

“Typically for this type of a district election we see a return between 30 to 35 percent. Having the additional measures on the ballot tends to push that percentage up, and that’s why we’re expecting the voters to respond and cast their ballot accordingly,” Betschart said.

This election she’s expecting 50 to 55 percent turnout. There was even a spike Tuesday in registration.

People eligible to vote can send in their registration forms to the county clerk’s office as long as its postmarked no later than April 30. Or they can register online.

“We’ve already seen close to 100 come in in the online voter registration, which is what we would be hoping for this type of an election and deadline,” Betschart said.

Betschart says the office has received between 70 and 80 registration cards per day. Voters KEZI 9 News spoke with say they don’t want to miss the opportunity to exercise their right in this election with a lot of key issues at stake.

“The schools are probably most important to me I’m a big supporter of education. But at the same time the jail issue is also important with the sheriff’s office. I think we’re really letting too many people out too soon,” said voter Randy Kolb.

Some though didn’t even know there was an election.

“I didn’t hear about. I’m busy. I’m young. I don’t know. Uninformed perhaps,” said Eugene resident Erin Elder.

Commissioner Sid Leiken says every election is important and everyone needs to cast their vote.

“What an incredible freedom we have. I mean you look at around different countries people are willing to die or go to jail or whatever the case may be to have free elections. We have them here and almost take them for granted,” Leiken said.

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