County Holds Mental Health Discussion

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Mass shootings spanning the country really spotlighted mental health.

Lane County Health and Human Services put on a presentation to discuss the issue in-depth.

The recent gun violence in the U.S. prompted many Americans to do some soul searching.

With so many tragic events, everyone seems curious about mental health issues, but health experts warn people not to make too many assumptions about these problems.

“I think it’s very important to say that not everyone who has a mental illness or addiction are violent,” said C.A. Baskerville, Lane County Public Health Supervisor.

Wednesday’s presentation on mental health emphasized getting the right help to the right people.

For some experts, that also means getting rid of stereotypes.

“I think it’s easy for us to judge people that are different than us, that look different, that sound different, that come from a different place,” Baskerville said.

The discussion also looked at addictions, including alcohol and gambling.

For Lane County health workers, there simply hasn’t been enough attention on these crucial issues.

“I think both of those areas–mental health issues and addiction issues–have been given the attention they need and deserve,” Baskerville said.

There’s still much to be done about mental health, but Lane County Public Health officials are optimistic that people are really starting to pay attention to this important issue.

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