County Moves to Draft NDAA Ordinance

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EUGENE, Ore. — After hearing from the community at a public hearing Tuesday night Lane County Board of Commissioners gave the green light to move forward in an ordinance and resolution opposing specific sections¬† of the National Defense Authorization Act.

All of the commissioners at the meeting Tuesday gave the head nod to start the process of drafting an ordinance and resolution to some of the wording of the NDAA.

This came after dozens of frustrated people voiced their opinions saying specific sections were unconstitutional.

One section deals with the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens suspected of terrorism or belligerent acts, which activist groups say is vague.

The other part authorizes U.S. military to detain those suspects.

A number of people who spoke Tuesday evening agreed Lane County needs to take action.

“These provisions deny anyone’s right to due process of the law and also allows the federal government to detain or even kill any U.S. citizens for any reason that they can conjure up, which makes this a non-partisan issue,” said Corvallis resident, Jeff Ford.

“I think the writers of this law probably did not intend to frighten Americans in this way. But if that is so, why won’t Congress change the language of the law so that the citizens of this country are legally excluded from detention,” said Eugene resident, Nancy McCullum.

Even though it’s a national law, under the act of civil disobedience Lane County can choose to not enforce it.

Commissioners gave remarks after public comments — they were appreciative of everyone showing up, and all agreed the specific sections were unconstitutional.

The board could meet as soon as mid may to discuss a draft of the ordinance and resolution.

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