County Passes Sick Leave Ordinances

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EUGENE, Ore. — The city of Eugene will take public comment Monday night on a proposal that would require paid sick leave for workers. Lane County took action Monday morning with three new ordinances.

Monday morning dozens of business owners and union members packed into Harris Hall to voice their opinions to commissioners about the city of Eugene’s sick leave ordinance.

The three ordinances all deal with sick leave. The first passed unanimously and exempts employers in the county outside of city limits from ordinances regulating employment.

The second, also passed unanimously exempts any unit of local government with employees in Lane County from ordinances regulating employment.

With a 3-1 vote the third ordinance exempts all employers with employees in Lane County from these employment ordinances.

“Really it’s a much larger issue than just sick leave. I think what you see here is sick leave was a catalyst to have a much larger conversation,” said commissioner Sid Leiken.

Commissioners discussed the issue of home rule and how the city of Eugene’s ordinance could impact businesses all throughout the county.

Even though the county commission passed these ordinances, the city of Eugene could still pass its ordinance Monday night.

But with a conflict between these ordinances, county commissioners said the battle could end up in court.

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