County Plans for Plaza Clean-up

EUGENE, Ore. — The SLEEPS protesters are gone, and now Lane County officials are trying to figure out what to do with the mess left behind at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza.

The county met Thursday with the intention of choosing an outside contractor to get all of the cleaning done in time for the Saturday Market.

While the bids were in, they decided the best course of action at this time would be to just clean up the Butterfly lot Friday and hold off on the plaza as to give them more time to come up with a less expensive solution to the plaza situation. The county says with the extensive activity over the last few weeks, an equally extensive cleanup is needed.

Despite this delay, the county has made it clear there’s a definite sense of urgency here.

“It’s where we provide an area for the community to come and gather to have free speech. So it’s critical. It’s also the entrance into Lane County. It’s the entrance to Eugene city government. It’s our court entrance. It’s the entrance to the sheriff’s department. This is a really heavily used building,” said Anne Marie Levis, Lane County spokeswoman.

The county says it hopes to have the area back open in time for the Saturday Market.

Once the plaza is back open, it will have some use restrictions. The plaza and adjoining areas will be closed from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. for at least four weeks as the county works on modifying its manual regarding the plaza’s use. The topic will be revisited at the board’s Sept. 17 meeting.

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  1. Tired says:

    Congratulations SLEEP! You officially have become like the rest of the protests that work
    tirelessly for their cause and ultimately are the source of their own demise. Clean up has only
    just started and will cost tax payers $21,00! That doesn’t include the cost to clean up the free
    speech plaza or the overtime our police officers will put in thanks to the protests. How much more of the already meager city budget are you going to waste? If your ultimate goal is to secure
    land for homeless camping you should stop wasting tax payers money immediately. Every dollar
    wasted could have been used to help pay for a parcel of land. You don’t realize it SLEEP but you are your own worst enemy. Get organized. Otherwise you will fade into history like the pointless Occupy Eugene movement. They wanted jobs but did nothing to support that notion. Their occupation of the park near Jeffrson bridge cost tax payers over $150,000! Instead of repairing a destroyed park that money could have been used for a job search assistance program sponsored by the city. Instead the city had to undo the mess Occupy haplessly left behind. But don’t worry SLEEP, in a few months when the cleanup is complete and the stench you left behind eventually fades, you will be forgotten.

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