County Seeks Input on Problem Roads

6-17 interactive mapEUGENE, Ore. — A new online interactive map is the newest way people in Lane County can provide feedback about transportation problems.

Drivers, cyclists and walkers can go onto the Lane County Transportation Planning website and add comments to the map about problem areas.

People can zoom into the exact area they have a problem with and then “like” other people’s posts or add their own.

Lane County says it’s an easy way for residents to add input on what roadwork they’d like to see done in the next 20 years.

“It’ll help us to say okay this street had 100 comments, and so we really need to pay more attention to that and make that, put to a higher level than some of the other areas that maybe have a problem with a small sidewalk,” said Anne Marie Levis, Lane County spokesperson.

To see the map, click here.


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  1. carol wommack says:

    hwy 99 in cottage grove thru town,
    going out 6 th st in cottage grove

  2. D.C. says:

    What a waste of my and others tax dollars with ALL the “RAMP LIGHT ON” lights and
    merging signal lights to Beltline!!! USE MY tax dollars on cleaning up the very much
    polluted air in EUGENE!!!! Look around at ALL the disabled and unhealthy, fatigued people in EUGENE!!! Many, both young and old with walkers, motorized chairs, hoses up their noses-hence oxygen, many with asthma, retina problems, sinus problems, balding, sore muscles-for no apparent reason, dizziness, burning eyes, etc;!!

    WHAT A SHAME!!!…..FIVE hospitals in this little town….AND now a mental hospital going in!!!
    AND a Methane plant!!! SURE make the people sick….POLLUTE THE AIR….MONEY, MONEY,
    MONEY!!!!! I’m leaving this HELL HOLE!!!!! People have to be on drugs to live in EUGENE OREGON!!!!…..The American Cancer Society gives EUGENE an “F” for air quality…..If YOU care about YOUR health….DO NOT MOVE TO EUGENE OREGON!!!

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