County to Discuss Pot Dispensaries

3-13 marijuana

EUGENE, Ore. — On Tuesday, the Lane County Board of Commissioners is set to address the issue of whether or not to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in Lane County.

This comes after the Oregon Legislature passed a bill during its last session.

The Lane County Board of Commissioners will take up an ordinance for the unincorporated regions of Lane County.

Alex Cuyler, Lane County’s Intergovernmental Relations Manager says places like Goshen, Pleasant Hill and the McKenzie Bridge area would fall in that category.

But cities like Eugene, Springfield, Florence, Junction City, Cottage Grove and Creswell will have to make their own decisions on the moratorium.

He says this gives them some breathing room.

“We’ve got enough time to really start to think about well which department does this kind of regulating, should it be within our public health milieu, should it be more in the land use milieu? I mean there’s a bunch of decision that have to be made,” said Cuyler.

Counties and cities have until May 1, 2012 to enact a moratorium, it would run through May 1, 2015.

And if they decide against a ban they can still enact time, place or manner restrictions which would create guidelines for what a medical marijuana facility can look like and where it can operate.

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