Couple Attacked near River Road

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EUGENE, Ore. — All three suspects involved in a violent attack Monday night on a Eugene street have been arrested.

Police say they caught two of the suspects–20-year-old Travis Brumwell and 19-year-old Jeffery Guinn–Monday night, and the third suspect–20-year-old Sherif Gharaib–actually turned himself into police Tuesday morning.

Officers say a couple were walking home along this stretch of River Road near the corner of Stephens and Stults when three men attacked them.

Police say one of the victims fought back and stabbed one of the attackers. People who live nearby and frequent the nearby River Path Trail say they’re surprised by the attack because the area is typically pretty safe.

“I leave super early for work and there’s people on their bikes, walking and running all the time…so it seems like an area that’s well-populated and people are on it a lot,” said Eugene resident Kelsea McNutt.

However, frequent path users mentioned transients can be often be found camping out on the sides at night and have been known to approach folks passing through.

“I know it’s lit though, but still this is the less traveled side. This is the rugged side. I’m still surprised, but I can understand it,” said Eugene resident Greg McPherson.

Though a bit unsettled, many agreed it doesn’t matter how safe you feel.

“I don’t know stuff like this could happen anywhere. It’s just one of those things that it happened near where I live,” McNutt said.

So you just always have to be prepared and cautious.

“Everyone should take a flashlight and keep a phone with them at all times,” McPherson said. “You have got to keep your eyes open after dark, no matter where you are.”

Both victims are expected to be okay. The attacker who was stabbed is also expected to be okay. Investigators say the three men are members of the gang West Side Piru, but they believe the trio was intoxicated and the attack was random.

Charges include assault, unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle and theft. Both Brumwell and Gharaib were cited and released. Guinn remains in custody at the Lane County Jail.

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