Couple Marries On Christmas Eve

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A couple celebrates the holidays with a wedding in an unexpected place. A Springfield business is doing more than just selling e-cigarettes. It’s doing weddings. Gemini II Enterprises opened up this summer, but held its first holiday union Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday was a special day for Vincent and Bonnie Cipriani. That day, they officially began their lives together as one and in a place as unique as them.

Store owner Andrea Williams says, “It was the end of July and we’re still building business, trying to let people know we’re here, especially the wedding part…We were already in the karaoke and wedding DJ business, plus, we were ordained at that point. So, we decided to open the smoke shop and bring our other business into it as well, but a lot of people thought it was a little strange to have the wedding chapel.”

But for the right people, on the right day, it’s perfect.

Bride Bonnie Cipriani says, “We’re pretty non-traditional. So, we decided to come down and check it out and it was pretty non-traditional and it just seemed cozy and something like we’d like to do.”

Her groom, Vincent Cipriani, agreed saying, “A courthouse is so slum and drum…I drove up from Michigan through a snow storm. It took me a week and when I finally got here, it was Dec. 24 right about now. So, five years ago right now, we met face to face and we’ve been together ever since.”

And so for the happy couple, no matter the place, the outcome is the same.

“i’m excited, because I finally found someone to spend the rest of my life with,” said Vincent.

This is the Zodiac Wedding Chapel’s first holiday wedding and it will hold on on New Year’s Day next week.

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