Couple Rides Unicycles Across Country

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NEAR VIDA, Ore. — Dustin and Katie Kelm are passionate about their work at a Minneapolis non-profit and are not spreading their word in the most conventional way.

“Working with refugees in Lebanon and Jordan and just we’re trying to spread the word about the over 2 million refugees that have fled Syria, huge need there,” said Katie Kelm.

“We’ve gone 3,350 miles now on the refuge ride and just another 150 to go,” said Dustin Kelm.

The couple’s journey that they’re calling the Refuge Ride is taking them from Georgia to Oregon.

“We started out on a pier over the Atlantic Ocean on Tybee Island, we’re gonna touch our unicycles in the Pacific Ocean in a couple days,” Katie said.

They’re riding the entire ride on one wheel.

“Dustin’s a pro at it and he’s a very patient teacher, so I just started riding these big wheel unicycles in February,” Katie said.

They’re now 93 days into the ride that’s taken them through 14 different states.

“It’s good to be in Oregon. It’s beautiful here. The last few days have been the most scenic of our entire trip, so it’s been fun coming through Sisters, down through the McKenzie Pass along the McKenzie River,” Katie said.

Ending in Oregon is no coincidence.

“My wife Katie here she’s a hometown Oregon girl, she grew up in Oregon and we were actually 11 years ago we were married in Yachats and so we dedicated to use that as an ending point,” Dustin said.

The two travel just a few miles at a time. Balancing between breaks to re-hydrate, take pictures with bystanders and spreading their message one pedal at a time.

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