Court Focuses on Swartout’s Personal Life

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — Angelica Swartout’s defense started to lay out its case Wednesday to try to prove the woman accused of murdering her baby was never pregnant.

The defense presented a couple of witnesses who say they didn’t think Swartout was pregnant.

Then the focus turned to Swartout’s home life.

“It was pretty crazy. That’s why I didn’t stay. I can’t count on my hands the number of sexual predators that lived in that house,” said Angelica’s adopted brother Tyson Swartout.

Tyson Swartout admitted to never physically seeing rape or sex abuse in person.

Then Swartout’s former brother-in-law told jurors she lived with him at the time she was telling people she was pregnant.

He says he never saw an ultrasound and never noticed anyone ever touching her belly.

The defense asked him if she looked pregnant.

“Not obviously to me. Angie was never really thin. She was always a pretty girl, but you know she wasn’t thin,” said Jeff Sward, Jewel Sward’s husband.

A Crossland Motel manager where Swartout worked also told jurors she didn’t notice Swartout was pregnant.

Then a computer forensic scientist testified about records found on Swartout’s work computer the night of the alleged murder.

Testimony shows Swartout was the only one working, and he says he looked at searches that could only be done by a live person.

“About 18 minutes — I see there was the largest gap,” said computer forensic scientist Vern Cross.

The prosecution hammered him on discrepancies from past testimony and evidence presented in the previous trial.

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