Court in Session at Springfield High

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. —    Court was in session Wednesday for more than 100 Springfield High School students. The Oregon Court of Appeals “Traveling Bench” visits schools around the state, trying to give students an opportunity to see court in action.

The students, who are all enrolled in Springfield’s Government class, witnessed three genuine cases, where legitimate lawyers argued on their clients’ behalf.

Students say, court proceedings are a bit more civil than they expected.

“I was expecting a lot more drama,” said Zackery Moore, a junior at SHS.

“You always expect what you see on TV,” said Amanda Grimes, a senior.

There was a question and answer period after the hearing, allowing the students to pick the judges’ brains about the legal system.

After seeing the real deal, students say they feel more prepared for the real world.

“I’d rather know about things beforehand, so you know, ‘Okay, so if this happens, what we can do to actually help or hinder the case?’” Says junior, Franklin Tiner.

“Law, or at least the way the court systems work, is important for the at least the youth to know,” says senior Amanda Grimes. “So that we have a general understanding of how our government works, so that we know how to make our way in the future.”

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