Court Plays Swartout’s Taped Confession

May 15, 2012

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — Jurors watched a dramatic taped murder confession given by Angelica Swartout on the sixth day of her re-trial.

Swartout is charged with killing her newborn son and tossing his body in a dumpster.

Emotions were high in the courtroom Tuesday and lots of tears as jurors listened to Swartout tell a detective she smothered her baby in a sheet and then put him out in the dumpster behind her work.

The video was faced toward the jurors.

On the tape, you could hear Swartout crying very hard at times.

Near the end of the tape she says the birth went quick — three pushes and he was out.

She says when she looked at him, he wasn’t doing anything and looked very pale and gray. ┬áThen she says she went to get a sheet.

“I wrapped him a little and was holding him.//How long did you hold him?//Maybe a half an hour, forty minutes.//And at that time he gasped a couple of times, breathed a couple of times. Is that true?//Yeah,” said Angelica Swartout as she was questioned by detective George Crolly.

Swartout didn’t show much emotion as the tape was being played.

At the end of the tape the defendant’s sister entered the room and reverted back to much of her old story that the baby was born dead.

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