Courtney’s Admission of Murder Brings Closure to Willberger’s Hometown

VENETA, Ore. — The small community of Veneta is reacting just a day after the whereabouts of Brooke Willberger’s remains were made public.

Willberger’s family and her close-knit hometown are finally getting some closure.

For more than five years, the people of Veneta have been waiting for answers about what happened to the college student.  Joel Courtney, 43,  admitted that he abducted Willberger at knife-point in Corvallis in May 2004, before raping and murdering her.

Courtney hid Willberger’s body in a remote area on the Oregon coast range.

Some of her remains have now been recovered.

Courtney is set to spend the rest of his life in prison.

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