Crash Blocks I-5 Northbound Lanes Near Albany

ALBANY, Ore. — Interstate 5 northbound near milepost 235 in Albany is back open Tuesday evening following a nasty crash that shut down the highway for several hours.

Police say the semi-truck driver lost control of his truck while turning on an on-ramp.

The semi rolled on its side, landed across the freeway, and spilled its load of scrap metal, blocking both lanes.

A driver, headed north, swerved to miss the mess, but ended up hitting some of the metal.  Both drivers were not injured.

“When he flipped, he sent some material into the A-lane, and the vehicle hit that, and pretty lucky they didn’t get injured,” said Joe Schieman with ODOT Incident Response.

Crews re-routed traffic for about two hours while a tow company set the semi upright and ODOT cleared the scrap metal from the road.

Police say the semi truck driver, 43-year-old Douglas West of Vancouver, Washington, was going too fast for the on-ramp.  He was cited for careless driving.

ODOT crews say their work is nowhere near over.  They’re going to be back out there later Tuesday night clearing out all of the metal and will have to come back at a later date to patch up the road where all of the metal made some very large holes.

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