Crash Injures Bicyclist in South Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Police says a cyclist injured in a collision with a car Tuesday morning wasn’t wearing a helmet.

He went to the hospital, but his condition hasn’t been released.

A KEZI 9 News viewer Mike Seager sent us pictures (above) of the scene.

Officers say the car’s driver failed to yield to the bike when he turned off of Fox Hollow onto Sprague and hit the cyclist. Police cited the driver.


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  1. Mike Seager says:

    The helmet is irrelevant. He only had a scrap on his head, but a few broken bones. A helmet wouldn’t have helped. Don’t blame the victim, this is 100% the car driver’s fault. Instead lead with “another driver hits another biker.”

  2. joe Lamb says:

    Bikers are just as stupid as some some drivers. This morning I myself stopped for a bike that failed to yield while the idiot was texting on his phone. It’s not a driver or biker debate, it comes down to paying attention and using common sense which seems to be lacking in today’s society.

  3. MsLewis says:

    My mom and I were hit by a biker while we were driving down Willamette because he had his hands in his pockets. A lot of bikers are as bad as drivers and need to be more aware. They are lucky people in Eugene are at least aware that bikers exist. I moved to Roseburg recently and had to ride my bike to work for a week while my car was being worked on. I almost got hit multiple times and I was being VERY cautious every time I commuted. I think this is just a never ending battle between transportation choices.

  4. latasha says:

    I was a driver that hit and killed a bicyclist that was not wearing a helmet and was not following the rules of the road. if everyone followed the rules of the road, and used all safety devices available maybe there might be less injuries and deaths

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