Crescent City Harbor Re-Opens

harborCRESCENT CITY, Calif. — The Crescent City Harbor has re-opened after undergoing a $38 million reconstruction project.  The harbor was hit hard by tsunamis back in 2006 and 2011, forcing the harbor to close due to damage.

Now three years later, the harbor is back in business and better than ever.  It is the first tsunami-resistant port on the West Coast and possibly in the world.

On Saturday, Crescent City residents and state and county officials gathered at the harbor for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.  Charlie Helms was introduced as the new harbormaster/CEO of the Crescent City Harbor.  Harbor officials also announced they will be naming one of the new docks–the Richard Young Dock–after former harbormaster/CEO Richard Young.

The new harbor was built to withstand a 50-year tsunami.

“They have a wave attenuator. They have the biggest pilings anywhere you’re going to find on the West Coast, driven deeper than anything on the West Coast…just everything to make this withstand a natural disaster is what makes this special,” Helms said.

The harbor has 244 new steeling pilings that are twice the size of the old ones. New sidewalks, railings, restrooms and laundry facilities were also put in place.

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