Creswell Appoints Interim Leadership

CRESWELL, Ore. — The City of Creswell has a new interim city administrator after the former city administrator resigned during the middle of a meeting. Creswell Mayor David Stram called an emergency meeting Saturday to appoint someone to the available position.

The council unanimously approved the appointment of Jamon Kent as interim city manager. This comes after the city administrator and two city council members stepped down at the same meeting.

Administrators from Creswell said they’re ready for the changes. “We’re trying to forget what happened in the past and instead look at the future, and I think the appointment of Jamon Kent as our interim city administrator today is a huge step forward,” said City Council President Jacob Daniels.

Mayor David Stram also said he is ready to move on from the chaos of the past week. “Time for us to move forward. We appreciate the contribution of our past two council members and our city administrator. We appreciate very much what they did, but now we have to move on to the next step,” said Stram.

Creswell is accepting applications for the city council positions.

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