Creswell Council Will Vote on 3rd Deputy

creswell 2CRESWELL, Ore. — The Creswell City Council will meet at 7:00 Monday to hear if community members would be willing to foot the bill for keeping the city’s third deputy in town. The city added the deputy last year after a spike in property crime in the area.

Monday the city council will listen to input from the public on whether they want to keep the extra deputy, or go back down to two. The city said it can’t fund the position, so Creswell residents would have to pay $6.00 a month to keep the deputy on the payroll.

“The problem is that contingency funds are a one time only type of thing and so now we’re coming up on the new budget year and we weren’t able to find funds available for the budget to pay for the third deputy,” said Jacob Daniels, Creswell City Council President.

City councilors said they expect a lot of debate from both sides of the issue because while most people enjoy the extra deputy, many don’t want to pay to keep the position.

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