Creswell Deadly House Fire

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CRESWELL, Ore. — South Lane fire crews have identified what they think caused a deadly fire in Creswell Friday.

Flames engulfed a home on the 81000 block of Sears Road last night.

South Lane fire announced on its Twitter that last night’s fire was electrical in nature.

Fire chief, Dean Creech, says the fire quickly took over the home and killed a 25-year-old woman.

An elderly couple and a two-year-old child were able to escape. They were taken to a local hospital and later released.

Creech says the death is tragic because the people in the house did what they were suppose to do by having a phone with them and calling for help right away.

Crews were on the scene within ten minutes of getting the call but the fire got out of control.

“I would say for a fire we were quickly notified of, for it to be as fully involved, it was a little unusual. We had fire showing or blowing out of several of the windows already,” said Creech.

It took close to two hours and 20 firefighters to get the flames under control.

The identity of the 25-year-old woman has not been released but Creech says he believes she is related to the other three occupants.

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