Creswell Dentist Delivers Wishes

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CRESWELL, Ore. — Many kids believe in the tooth fairy. In Creswell, teachers will tell you the tooth fairy is real.

Dr. Bahen from Emerald Valley Dental Creswell knows kids and teeth.

“The six-year molars come in first. The kids aren’t best at getting those teeth clean,” Dr. Bahen said.

He is first and foremost a dentist. But for students and teachers, he’s earned a new title thanks to a generous donation.

Just across town, Mrs. Robertson spends her days teaching kids at Creslane Elementary. She doesn’t know Dr. Bahen, but she would like to tell him thank you.

Every year, the Creswell Education Foundation approves teacher grants. Hers didn’t make the cut. When Dr. Bahen learned that half the grants wouldn’t be funded, it hit home.

“My dad’s a teacher, my wife was a teacher, so I know how hard it is to do their job properly,” Dr. Bahen said.

Dr. Bahen donated close to $2,5000, funding three teacher grants at Creswell High School, one at the middle school and four at Creslane.

Fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Robertson who loves to incorporate arts and education, got her wish–$150 for hats for a poetry slam.

“They will have poets hats, the room will be darkened. We’ll have electric lights on and we’ll just be enjoying the groove,” Mrs. Robertson said.

They’re learning, having fun and expressing themselves, all thanks to money that showed up not under a pillow but inside the classroom.

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  1. Susie says:

    Glad to call Dr. Bahen MY dentist!!

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