Creswell Has New Deputy In Town

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CRESWELL, Ore. — It was a unanimous decision by the Creswell City Council to bring in a third deputy to keep the “Friendly City” peaceful. The new permanent deputy started his first day on the job Saturday.

Creswell City Council president Jacob Daniels says after a recent spike in crime, residents were unhappy and concerned about public safety. With an extra Lane County deputy added to its force, citizens are now hopeful to see positive change .

“Everybody knows about a rash of break-ins that have happened in Creswell. It’s been in the papers, it’s been on the news and this has been going on since the beginning of the year,” said resident and business owner Seth Clarke.

Clarke and his wife own a coffee shop in town. Knowing that there’s now more patrol in the community brings them relief.

“I really like that idea. I think being a permanent deputy in a town of this size is really the only way to come to know the hot spots in town and where activities are taking place, both good and bad,” Clark said.

“With the third deputy, we have the coverage and we have the message being sent out to those that might want to do bad things that ‘Hey, this isn’t the place to come commit a crime,'” Daniels said.

The city has already caught a glimpse of the difference extra law enforcement can make when it brought in an interim officer as a transition to this new public service.

“We had an interim before that and we saw, with three deputies on staff, a drastic drop in crime which has been terrific. A lot of people are happy and it’s just really good to be able to use public service as a way to benefit our neighbors,” Daniels said.

“It’s a small town and it’s the ‘Friendly City’ and I’d like to keep it that way. We moved here because we like it and I look forward to meeting the new deputy and having him be an integral part of our community,” Clark said.


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  1. Rusty Clark says:

    our car was stolen from the comfort inn there two summers ago while attending a class reunion , they wouldn’t even send a cop out to take a report , did it over the phone . Friendly city my butt Lawless city it was . Never coming back !!!!!!!!!!!! hope this works out for my home town Creswell .

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