Creswell Mulls Over Keeping Deputy

Creswell DeputyCRESWELL, Ore. — After a spike in crime last year, the city of Creswell paid to bring a third deputy to town. Now the city council is deciding whether to keep him.

The city council president says they’ll ask for the opinion of residents next month before a budget meeting in May.

It would cost every Creswell household an extra $7.75 a month to keep the third deputy. That cost would be added to water bills.

City council president, Jacob Daniels, says he likes having the extra deputy but understands higher bills aren’t popular.

“When it comes down to it, I’ve heard stunning reviews and it’s just one of those things where in a utopian, perfect world where we didn’t have to worry about the cost of things, keeping the third deputy would be ideal,” said Daniels.

Whatever the decision is, it will go into effect July 1.

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