Creswell Resolves Skydiving Dispute

CRESWELL, Ore. — Creswell says it has landed an agreement with the Eugene Skydivers, after eight years of trying to find common ground.

Mayor Dave Stram says the sides have finally reached an agreement on allowing skydivers to land at the Creswell Airport. He says one of the key discussion points was whether to allow skydivers to cross the runway after landing.

It’s a safety issue for both skydivers and planes.

“There’s a safety plan that’s been put in place for crossing of the runway and the plan moving forward is to work with all the pilots at the airport to make as safe a situation as we can,” said Mayor Stram.

The city says the next step is to determine when the skydivers can start using the area.

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  1. Lou Adler says:

    Good to see this issue resolved….good job folks all the way around….nice to see and hear the calm….
    When one thinks about it, there is a tremendous amount of greatness in creswell…

    Great people working together for a solution….
    Great things going on with in the community….
    Great ideas constantly coming forth, some reasonable and some far fetched….

    Now lets encourage some industries to locate here…we sure do need them…

    Creswell is a great community…..

    Thank you


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